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bending timber

Our timber bending service offers a unique technique to manipulate wood into various shapes and designs, creating custom-made products for commercial and residential clients. This process involves heating the wood with steam until it becomes pliable, bending timber to form and finally setting in shape for a range of creative possibilities in creating bespoke furniture pieces and architectural features.

Our services

Solid Timber Bending

Steam bending is a woodworking technique where strips of wood are steam heated using a steam box. The applied heat and moisture makes the wood pliable enough to easily bend around a former to create a specific shape....


Timber manufacturing using traditional and modern methods of cabinetmaking, which includes bending, turning and shaping wood. The incorporation of other materials is considered, however limited to small applications. We mainly work in carefully selected furniture grade solid timbers.


Expert consultation in the development of aesthetically pleasing bends, structural limitations and most importantly a fully functioning product. We will work with you to get the best possible results from your chosen timber....

Why Steam Bend?


You can always cut a curved shape out of a square one, but what you may gain in simplicity, you will lose in strength and durability. Both steam bending and lamination have the benefit of manipulating the wood so the grain follows the curve and is continuous across the whole part. This is especially important on structural elements like chair legs and backs, when the curved piece is going to be supporting weight and taking stress....


Steam bending produces less waste than reductive methods. Bending a single piece rather than cutting the shape from a larger mass, retains the continuous long-grain pattern, there are no glue lines, and it doesn’t waste material....


Steam bending is an impressive technique, offering seamless, durable components. The steam bending process produces finished parts with the best overall appearance, with continuous end-to-end grain and no visible glue line.